“Don’t be limited by the expectations of others. You can always be better and do more”
Bruce Oldfield

Wishing You a Warm Welcome!

This is very much a work in progress, with several pages still under construction, in time, I hope it will grow to become a useful resource for designers and students alike.


My aim is to document all the stages of developing my own menswear shirt brand, from initial ideas through to 3D realisation, via the use of digital and social media applications. I want to share with you my working methods in the hope you may find something you can use to inform your methodologies. My passion for fashion and technology will heavily influence the content of this site, and I hope it will beome a useful databse for those interested in CADCAM for fashion, both 2D and 3D production and visualisation. I would like to open debates and discussions, ideally centred around fashion, design, education, CADCAM and technologies, in the hope of building a community and network of people with similar interest and passions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or recommendations that you feel would fit nicely into this site.

Have Fun & Be Inspired!

David Morrish


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